You can make it through all odds to become GREAT!!!


The Frenji Brand promotes health, prosperity, and positive engagement. We provide a service to communities for the enrichment, and development of student-athletes. The Frenji Brand is distinguished, and represents a unique positive life style.

Frenji Apparel is comprised of sleek athletic and casual wear that is stylish, classy and creative. Our goal is to ensure that our valued supporters look and feel good when wearing "Frenji Apparel". 

Frenji Sports not-for-profit is a grassroots basketball and cultural enrichment academy. Our mission is to increase athletic and life skills, fill a knowledge gap, and develop character in the students we serve. That is our top priority in our approach for success, to move students beyond sports with the end result cultimating into a productive life!

Through the Frenji Brand, "we make a difference in a unique way, "The Frenji Way".

Benj Carter
Founder, Owner, CEO
Frenji Ltd, Sports & Apparel 

 F R E N J I® fashion, sports & events

a Tradition of Excellence, a UNIQUE BRAND & LIFE STYLE