FRENJI Ltd., an apparel and sports company, established in 1996 by Benj Carter of Greenburgh, NY. 

Our goal and misssion is to promote health, wellness, and positivity for people to live longer healthier fun lives. We provide support to the empowerment of community enrichment and youth development of student-athletes. It is done through our comprehensive business concept. The Frenji Brand is distinguished, and represents a unique life style.

Frenji Apparel is a unique leisure athletic and casual clothing. Frenji Apparel represents, style, class and creativity. Our mission is that our supporters look and feel good when wearing "Frenji Apparel".

Frenji Sports promotes athletic and personal development, and basketball entertainment. The enhancement of skills, knowledge and character growth is our top priority in our approach. Development will be obtained through comprehensive basketball and cultural enrichment programs. Each avenue of programs is designed to pursue excellence through the Frenji Sports Academy (FSA). The FSA promotes camps, clinics; cycling, showcases; travel basketball teams; and training, the programs we offer. From our excellent history of service, student-athletes are lead in the right direction to succeed and enjoy a productive life beyond sports.

Through the Frenji Brand, "we aim to make a difference in a unique way, The Frenji Way".

Benj Carter
Founder, Owner, CEO
Frenji Ltd, Sports & Apparel